Toast Group comprises the following individual companies, Interbrands Norway, Interbrands Spirits, Crafted Brands Fine Brands, Winning Brands and Wicked Brands.

All Group Companies are operated with a joint sales force in corporation with our Logistics partner, which enables us to serve our customers excellently both as their Main Supplier with for most well-known market products,   serving chains and Purchase Groups, Restaurants and Bars focusing on high quality and unique service.The companies operate with a joint sales force under joint Group routines and practices.

Interbrands and Fine Brands are also connected in a Nordic platform with its sister companies in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia and the USA.

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With the Group’s combined sales force and together with our logistics service partner Cuveco, we have a unique opportunity to serve our customers. Both as main supplier with our most well-known products as well as supplier to chains and purchase groups, individual restaurants and bars requiring the greatest of quality and personal service.”
By this presentation we would aspire to be an even better and more competitive actor in a gradually tougher market situation. More effective operations, increasing the sales force and offering an extended versatile product portfolio, resulting from the company’s regrouping which took place earlier this year, will contribute to make us an attractive cooperating partner.
We have enjoyed steady growth each year since we started in 2006. This is just the beginning!

Vegar Hafstad – Director of Sales

“Our strategy is to increase our presence and revenue within the hotel- and catering market. We believe that this industry will grow to new levels since the onset of the Pandemic due to a growing public interest in great food and drinking experiences that will result in higher numbers of clients in restaurants.
We would endeavour to join in on this culinary spree, particularly because we comprise a sought-after portfolio and a well-qualified, knowledgeable and professional sales force always ready to offer our clients the best services and deals”.

Øyvind Berg – CEO