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FAMILLE RAVOIRE – Vins de la vallée du Rhône

A familiy tradition in the Rhône Valley since 1471. Great wines of the Rhône Valley and Provence.

Based on the main appellations of the Rhône Valley, the OLIVIER RAVOIRE range proposes, authentic wines that are faithful to their respective terroirs. They reveal their very best expression to appeal to the most demanding consumers.

It is at the heart of the Rhone region that we have established special trust-based relationships with passionate wine growers. In exchange for our expertise and optimisation of the grape juices we gain access to their very best plots which we manage together according to strict methods (tending the vine, grape-picking…).

Vinification and maturing are carried out at the estate under rigorous supervision by our team, taking into consideration the specific requirements of each vintage and endeavouring to optimise the potential of each estate. Combining the wines thus obtained with our exclusive approach we select and purchase each year the best vats. Maturing is refined each month up until the bottling which is performed using our own mobiles units.
These wines aim to accompany you in your gourmet experiences, for mature tasting, rich authentic conviviality and instant enjoyment.

Since year 1471


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