Shiraz, Fairtrade or Fair for Life
Referanse 202409009
Distribution Basic
Deadline March 7, 2024
Launch Date September 6, 2023
Quality criteria Mouthfeel , Aromatic quality
Price Maximum FOB 9 € per BiB, preferably lower.
Product Requirements
Country South Africa
Product Type Red wine
Vintage 2022 or 2023
Packaging BiB
Quality/Appellation WO from South Africa
Unit size 300 cl
Type of offer Samples
Estimated Volume 20 000 - 30 000 liters
Other Requirements

1) Based on min. 80 % Shiraz
2) No use of oak or wood substitutes such as wood staves, wood chips, wood extract or similar ‘1) IPW/WSB (Integrity & Sustainability Certified)
2) Fairtrade or Fair for Life
3) Only one offer per manufacturer. If more than one offer is submitted from the same manufacturer, only the lowest priced offer will be assessed for purchase, regardless of wholesaler
4) «Guarantee of supply» must accompany the offer
5) «Statement pertaining to freedom of association» must accompany the offer
6) Vinmonopolet encourages the use of: A- White or transparent tap; B- No use of «carbon black» plastic; C- Inner bag: no aluminium as outer layer and max. 5 microns thick aluminium layer if aluminium is used as intermediate layer. Oxygen permeability of the packaging: ≤ 2 cm3/m2/24hours/1atm; E- Box: Outer carton box with no use of metal or plastic layers
7) Vinmonopolet encourages the use of Nordic recycling icons on the packaging

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