Sterkvinsgløgg or vingløgg Nordics
Referanse 202411025
Distribution One-lot
Deadline May 23, 2024
Launch Date November 8, 2023
Quality criteria Concentration , Complexity
Price Maximum EXW 4 € per bottle
Product Requirements
Country Nordics
Product Type Aromatised wine
Packaging Recyclable packaging
Unit size Max. 75 cl
Type of offer Samples
Estimated Volume One-lot min. 3600 bottles
Other Requirements

1) Style: Sterkvinsgløgg or vingløgg
2) Gløgg or Glögg must appear on the front of the packaging
3) Only natural flavourings
4) Semi-sweet or sweet
5) Min. 10 % alcohol on label

6) No outer packaging (tube/box). The product must be shipped from country of origin without outer packaging (tube/box)
7) If PET or aluminium packaging the packaging must be included in Norway’s deposit system for refundable packaging
8) If deadlines are not met, the purchase will be cancelled
9) One-lot min. 3600 bottles

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