Referanse 202411029
Distribution One-lot, possible basic
Deadline May 23, 2024
Launch Date November 8, 2023
Quality criteria Concentration , Complexity
Product Requirements
Country Sweden
Product Type Mead
Packaging Glass bottle or light weight glass bottle
Unit size Max. 37,5 cl
Type of offer Samples
Estimated Volume
Other Requirements

1) Melomel
2) Added fruit and/or berries, excluding apple and pear
3) Fruit and/or berry type must be stated in the offer, og must appear on the front of the packaging
4) No added refined sugar or alcohol (written confirmation from producer must accompany the offer)
5) Non-carbonated
6) Min. 10,5 % alcohol on label ‘1) Max. two offers per producer. The products must appear to be organoleptically different. If more than two offers are submitted from the same producer, the two lowest priced offers will be assessed, regardless of wholesaler
2) One-lot min. 390 bottles

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